The HCG Diet for Women

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural hormone that exists in all men and women. However, it is naturally most prevalent in pregnant women. It acts as a catalyst that signals the body to burn fat stores within the body to provide nutrients for the fetus without sapping the mother’s energy or health.

Because HCG is so effective at targeting the body’s stored, excess fat without eating into muscle mass or decreasing energy, it has become a remarkable weight loss tool as part of a regimen called the HCG diet.

The Origins and Science Behind the HCG Diet

Human chorionic gonadotropin was first discovered by Dr. Albert Simeons, who found it in increased levels among malnourished women during his research in the 1950s. He discovered HCG after observing that these overworked, underfed women were still able to give birth to healthy, full-term babies with no health issues.

As a result, Dr. Simeons began to use HCG hormone with his other patients to help fight hunger and provide energy for those with low-calorie diets. Sixty years later, HCG is now a commonly prescribed weight loss solution with decades of research to back up its efficacy.

Interaction Between HCG and Female Hormones

Because excess fat can lead to surplus estrogen levels in women, and because one of the traits of estrogen is its natural tendency to store fat, weight gain in women is often a vicious cycle that’s difficult to stop.

But HCG is a naturally-occurring hormone that, when injected in daily, doctor-supervised doses, can disrupt this cycle by targeting stored fat and burning it off quickly. This also decreases the amount of excess estrogen produced in the body, empowering the body’s natural processes to continue burning fat.

What’s made HCG so popular among dieters and doctors is that it isn’t an untested miracle drug cocktail—it’s a natural hormone that we know a great deal about. It’s been shown to safely and quickly shred fat without stripping your body of energy so that you can function normally while losing up to one pound every day.

Does HCG Dieting Affect Menstrual Cycles or Menopause?

HCG is safe and effective for women in any stage of their menstrual or menopausal cycle. In fact, the HCG diet can help alleviate menopausal symptoms like low energy. By burning fat and protecting your muscles from deterioration, HCG provides all the energy you need to go about your day while losing weight.

Consider how your body normally produces energy—it converts the nutrients and fat in food into energy for your body to use. HCG does the same thing, except it gains its energy by burning the nutrient-rich fat already stored in your body. It’s the best of both worlds—fat-burning energy that lasts all day long.

What Benefits Can Women Expect On the HCG Diet?

First and foremost, the average woman can expect to lose as much as one pound of body fat every day during the most active period of the HCG diet. That being said, there are a wide range of factors that affect results including your body fat percentage, age, activity level and other factors.

The HCG diet can also help lessen the signs and symptoms of aging, tightening up your body and skin and resulting in a more toned, tight look from head to toe.

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